To provide Conservatorship Services for those individuals for whom Comcare has been designated as court appointed conservator and to fulfill those obligations as specified by the court. These obligations may include:


1. Representing the individual in the formulation and review of the individual support plan.
2. Giving or withholding consent for the individual to participate in particular programs and activities, including behavior management and human rights programs.
3. Giving or withholding consent for necessary medical and mental examinations and treatments for the individuals including hospitalization admissions.
4. Giving approval for custodial decisions regarding the individual’s living arrangements.
5. Visiting with the individual to become familiar with the treatment, program, services and supports.
6. Keeping current on all state required training.
7. Performing such other duties as may be necessary or as requested by the supervisor.


Bachelor’s degree in appropriate area; relevant work experience is desirable.
Successful completion of background and reference check.