Employment and Enabling Technology Coordinator


Comcare, Inc. is seeking a full-time/part-time Employment Consultant, who is the key provider of quality services to our job seekers. The Employment Consultant is responsible for ensuring people supported have competitive jobs that they want as well as enjoy in the community. Additionally, the Employment Consultant coordinates with the Department of Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities, circle of support, conservators, case managers, stakeholders, residential staff, and families to ensure employment success.


1. Develop meaningful community jobs for people experiencing intellectual and developmental disabilities by learning about their interests, current capabilities, and what the job seekers would like to do.
2. Establish meaningful volunteer positions in the community for those interested in volunteering to gain new skills prior to paid employment.
3. Develop new and customized positions for job seekers.
4. Teach the job seeker independent job skills, job requirements by utilizing job task analysis, job specific supports, including enabling technology and task assistance, as needed.
5. Assist job seekers in reinforcing essential skills, teaching new skills, educating on dignity of risk, support in developing a cover letter and resume, practicing communication and social skills during mock interviews, and completing a job application.
6. Developing a video resume for people that showcases their abilities and work experience to present to potential employers.
7. Support local businesses in meeting their needs by learning about their company over a series of meetings then presenting the best candidate to fill the position.
8. Provide on-the-job training and coaching to ensure growth with success and independence. This could be long term, short term, the person’s full shift, part of the shift, or by using technology.
9. Work side by side with the supported employee at the job site, analyzing the job requirements and breaking it down into manageable steps in a way that the supported employee can learn best.
10. Build a natural support network between the supported employee and staff/volunteer members on the work site.
11. Onsite visits to check in with supported employees and their employers at regular intervals.
12. Facilitate further training or coaching to assist both the supported employee as well as the business.
13. Maintain accurate up-to-date documentation for all services provided.
14. Complete and submit employment plans, documentation, and monthly reports by the deadline.
15. Participate in all required staff meetings, meetings pertaining to the person supported, staff trainings, etc.
16. Additional duties as it pertains to required employment/volunteer supports.
17. Able to identify and incorporate Enabling Technology into the home, community, or workplace.
18. Train staff on Enabling Technology equipment per PCSP.


1. Valid Tennessee State Driver’s License.
2. High School Diploma or GED.
3. Work experience in a related. area is desirable, but not required.
4. Ability to verbally communicate, read, write, and understand the English language clearly.
5. Successful completion of a background and reference check.
6. Successful completion of a drug screen and TB test.
7. Ability to be insured as a vehicle driver by agency’s insurance program.


1. Ability to participate and complete Crisis Prevention Training through Crisis Prevention Institute. This includes sitting, bending, lifting, twisting, stretching, applying pressure, stooping, and turning suddenly.
2. Ability to perform repetitive movements daily.
3. Mobility sufficient to walk, climb stairs, enter and exit vehicles, and occasionally run if the situation arises.
4. Visual and auditory ability to meet individuals’ needs and assure their safety.


1. Ability to develop and maintain a respectful and professional relationship with people supported.
2. Appropriately handle stressful job conditions including, but not limited to noise, conflicting demands and schedules, and physically or verbally combative situations.